Our History

One of the founders of Heaven Scent Natural Foods, became inspired by the potential a good snack has to spread a good message. He created the Eco-Planet brand of organic cookies to do just that: educate children about our fragile ecosystem and motivate them to take action and create positive change.

Our Mission

We make great-tasting organic foods, from the best ingredients. Our customers told us they couldn’t find a nutritious, gluten-free hot cereal…so we’re thrilled to introduce our line of 7 Whole Grain Gluten-Free Instant Hot Cereals.

The Eco-Planet mission is to produce the highest quality, 100% organic cookies and crackers that are delicious, wholesome, and pure, and that will inspire children and their parents to choose ecologically responsible alternatives in transportation, power, and industry. Eco-Planet Organic Cookies donates a portion of proceeds to non-profit organizations that are committed to preserving and protecting our fragile ecosystem.