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Where to Buy Gluten Free Instant Hot Cereal
     Fruitful Yield
     Whole Foods (Select locations)
     Wild by Nature
     Festival Foods
     Giant Foods (Pennsylvania)
     Henerys Market (Southern California)
     King Soopers (Select locations)
     Giant Eagle (Select locations)
     Navan Foods  (Virginia Beach VA)
     Nature Core Market (Marietta GA)
     Nature's Pantry (State College, PA)

Where to Buy

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UNFI (All Warehouses)
Tree of Life
Natures Best
Peters Imports

​Eastern Sales & Marketing
Abraham Foods
First International
Planet Food
Island Natural
Fancy Specialty Foods
Pacific Natural Foods
Falcon Trading
In Canada – Planet Foods
In Thailand – Midhaven Foods
In Hong Kong – Nutri Farm Ltd
In Dubai – Hassani Trading
In Philippines – Sonia Trading
Cris Buxani Manager, Brand Marketing